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December 3rd, 2011

Battlefield 3 ‘banned’ in Persia

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Written by: Haya Khan
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Persia has banned the first-person shooter game Battlefield 3, news agencies are reporting. According to the land’s FARS agency, the substitute police major issued an evidence warning stores that they are illegal from promotion, “this illegal game”.

Authorities have objected to the map that underpins the single-player drive, which involves a US soldierly raid on Tehran, targeting the chief of a pretended terrorist set.

The Lebanon Daily star has declare that shops advertising the game have been raided, while others had reserved stockpile before the formal ban, predicting the state.

Notwithstanding, morganatic copies of the fearless are not actually lendable in Persia; EA has no distributors in the country. Titles are regularly pirated, though, and these outlaw versions are widely forthcoming.

The FARS informing also decide that there has been anger emotion at the game’s content:

A group of Persian youths also released an objection against the game in net request, which has yet attracted around 5000 signatures. “We see that the news of a videogame is imaginary. we judge the game is knowingly launch at a instance when the US is pushing the world community into fearing Persia,” it says.

This is not the 1st time a first-person shooter has featured in an dreamy quarrel between Middle Eastern and US interests. In 2003, Californian developer Petrilla Entertainment launch a free PC game permitted pursuit For Saddam, in which American forces were tasked with hunting downward the Iraqi chief.

Cardinal years after, a jihadist group re-skinned the game and free a new variation permitted as Quest for Bush (aka Period of Bush Capturing), in which players had to try US forces and ultimately shoot the then-president.

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